oh this girl? yeah, this is amy chyao. she’s kind of a big deal.

grand prize at science fair for coming closer to curing cancer, nbd. obama held a science fair in dc centered around her, nbd. obama mentioned her in one of his speeches, nbd. she’s gonna be at the state of the union address sitting next to michelle obama, nbd.

she goes to my school. i know her. i say hi to her in the hallways. she is literally the sweetest girl in the whole world. 

CONNECTED TO OBAMA BY ONE PERSON HELL YES. i might ask her to tell michelle that i appreciate her cardigans.

click the picture for the article, if you’re interested.

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    Oh i can’t wait to say when we were fourth graders we used to pretend we lived out by the trees at Stinson. And that she...
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    HAHAH creeper, yeah she works in my lab! Her project is what I worked on freshmen year
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    SIDDDDDDDDDDDDDD is this the girl you were talking about?!
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    Technically me and Obamamamamama are bfffs. ‘Cause ya know…I’m friends with Amy and she’s like bffl with Obama....
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    Yeah. I’ve never exactly met her before but I’ve heard about her. My dad tried to bring her up today at dinner.
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    She’s worked hard to be where she is now. Totally deserves every good thing that comes her way. Proud of her :)
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    hbic right here, guys. go google her. that’s AMY CHYAO, also known as the smartest and most talented person i have ever...
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    I feel really cool for saying that I actually went to school with this girl. I’ve always wanted to talk to her as a kid...
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  16. informlordvaderwehaveaprisoner said: Psshh, I don’t just appreciate her cardigans, I want them.
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