le petit tournesol ❀
"even in the smallest spaces/can a garden grow"

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From Rostam’s Instagram: ek brainstorming on his laptop

eating burnt popcorn on the couch and lamenting the fact that i leave belgium a week from tomorrow YOU CAN’T MAKE ME LEAVE AND GO HOME I DON’T WANNA

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“Don’t touch me if you don’t mean it.”

The War Boys (2009)

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can we talk about hanna’s #karen tag real quick?


~remember when~ karenmoscovitz

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Today I realized
I am worthy:
of my own time,
my own energy,
my own effort.

Today, I won a battle.
Today, I prepared for war.

Maybe my edges were made for loving (via ttwentysix)

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listening to “dub side of the moon” (which is exactly what it sounds like) with my boss and needing three more lattes and needing a nap like i’ve never needed a nap before (exaggerating but this is definitely a top-10 i-need-a-nap moment)

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I could put my feet up on my desk and lean back in my chair and fall asleep instantly please send help

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On today’s edition of “I need a gallon of coffee:” be my friend on snapchat

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