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I want support for ugly girls and lazy girls and girls that can’t ever get their eyeliner right. I want feminism that includes girls who are too big or too black to be on body positive blogs. 

I want girls with acne scars and girls who don’t “pass” and girls with facial hair. I want girls who are, in fact, man hating lesbians. I want poor girls.

I need the girls who never took a course in gender studies but who still know the way that society treats them is bullshit. 

It doesn’t feel like a revolution when we’re only showing more of the same, when we only raise up the voices of some women.

I need to do better. We all need to do better. 

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as a girl, loving yrself isn’t just cool and positive for daily life, but it’s also very political. companies and laws and social standards don’t advocate self-love for women. it’s Abnormal and it might seem like a little thing to do but it’s actually crucial. keep up the good work gals :~)

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let’s get high and listen to omn and make out thank you goodbye 

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if i can’t become independently wealthy i’d settle for being kristen stewart’s trophy wife

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Judge me on the work, that’s all I can say.

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The reason why Harry wasn’t chosen for Ravenclaw was because he tried to catch the Hogwarts letters from the air instead of taking one from the fucking floor.

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Title: Say My Name (ft. Zyra)
Artist: ODESZA

ODESZA / Say My Name (ft. Zyra)

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“A hand on my hip and
a kiss on my head
and never have I felt
so big and beautiful.”

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Alexandr Makovski

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Claude Monet

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